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Service Areas

Addressing the needs of our seniors is a continuously growing issue, often with long-term implications. Most recognize us as the best and most affordable Senior Care  Agency out there right now. Questions about how to deal with difficult medical problems, security, safety and how to maintain independence at home don’t get easier as we age. We offer a variety of solutions for seniors who need assistance so that they can continue to enjoy living at home. We are experienced in caring for seniors and work with them and their loved ones to plan and deliver services that help maintain their independence and dignity. Here are some of the concerns we address:

  • Is the person widowed? If not, how able is their spouse to help with tasks at home?
  • Is loneliness, depression or solitude of our loved one a concern?
  • Are issues like senior illnesses, muscular-skeletal, memory loss or mobility restrictions a growing problem?
  • Are other loved ones limited in their ability to assist? Are loved ones far away?

Our Services

We are a licensed, fully insured in-home senior care provider. We understand and offer assistance for seniors who can live at home, but need assistance with daily life tasks. Our services are shaped around the needs of seniors, and that is what makes us the best and most popular choice for a Senior Home Care  Provider. Our services address the following needs:

  • Fall prevention – helping to minimize obstacles and hazards that could cause a fall
  • Ambulatory and transferring – assistance with rising, walking and transferring seniors from and to bed, bath, seating, and exercise assistance.
  • Medication reminders
  • Comfort and companionship, day or night
  • Meal preparation and delivery, light cleaning, laundry
  • Local errands for appointments and basic needs
  • On-call support from our administration team, around the clock

We deliver quality care at an affordable price. Contact us to discuss your needs!