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Stroke Recovery Care

Stroke recovery care is very important to a victim of a stroke or heart attack. While some may choose recovery and care within an institution, such as a rehabilitation center or skilled nursing facility, many individuals are taking advantage of the stroke recovery care programs that we offer.

Why After Stroke Care So Important?

Stroke, commonly referred to as a CVA or brain attack, is a very serious life-altering event. Impairments can range from mild to severe, requiring differing levels of accommodation throughout the environment. This can be a difficult adjustment period for the loved one and being at home can provide comfort and peace-of-mind as they adapt to changes as a result of the stroke. Stroke recovery care within the home can help ensure that the loved one receives the care she needs, while maintaining safety as they adjust to these changes. There is not a quick fix that will serve as a solution to these needs.

After stroke care can significantly impact recovery efforts. Unlike some other health conditions, the issues that arise as a result of the stroke do not typically resolve quickly. In some instances, there may not be a complete recovery. However, this does not mean that measures cannot be taken to ensure the greatest amount of independence as safely possible and an improvement in these impairments. Qualified caregivers can assist a loved one in these efforts and greatly improve quality-of-life, while the loved one remains within the home.

Stroke RecoveryBenefits of Stroke Recovery Care Services:

  • Aid with appointments, medications, and exercises.
  • Provide the stroke survivor with physical, mental and emotional support.
  • Assist the stroke survivor with daily activities such as personal care and hygiene.
  • Communicate with doctors and nurses
  • Setting and aiding with daily routines.

The Preferred Choice

Remember, you are not alone.  The care received is more personalized and the loved one receives more one-on-one attention. These two factors alone can greatly influence outcomes and the outlook of the individual. After stroke care at home is a safe, affordable and feasible alternative to placement within a facility.

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