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Dementia Care

Memory Care is about supporting Alzheimer’s and dementia patients with the care they need. Safer environments and brightly colored facilities protect patients from unexpected injuries. Flooring selected prevents individuals from falling and help them navigate their communities safely. Dementia care environments are set up with visual cues to promote autonomy at every turn. Designated areas are set up for specific activities like gardening and kitchens. Individuals can gain the skills appropriate for their level of understanding.

Training and Expertise of Staff

Families can be confident that their loved ones will receive the best care available. This is because our team refers skilled caregivers who serve the unique needs of dementia patients in the various stages of their illness. Our staff members can work with individuals in all stage and have the level of patience necessary to refer reliable care for their patients.

Providing Dementia Care for the Elderly

Treatment for dementia is constantly evolving. New research, protocols and best practices are introduced regularly. This means that remaining on top of the latest innovations and approaches is essential in ensuring that each patient gets the best level of care available. Our ongoing training initiatives empower your caregivers with the appropriate skills to meet your loved ones needs. When working with patients we are prepared to respond accordingly to meet your specific needs.

We offer multiple programs in a structured format to keep dementia patients engaged, active and capable. Families can be assured that their loved ones are stimulated with daily mental workout sessions. Targeted dementia care programming equips dementia care patients with the resources to explore and utilized their skills and talents. We communicate regularly with family members to keep them informed of the mental health status of their loved ones.


Dementia and Alzheimer’s Programs Dementia Care

The Alzheimer’s treatment approach was developed decades ago by leading specialists and researchers of dementia programs. The innovative care approach empowers individuals and their families to thrive with the illness. Thousands of patients have entrusted us with the care of their loved ones.  Learn more about Alzheimer’s.

The programs offered by us aren’t about simply caring for the person as a patient. Our commitment is to ensuring that patients thrive and grow regardless of the stage of Dementia in a loving, secure community.

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