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Boca Raton, FL Hospice Care Services

Finally coming to that moment when knowing that you or someone you care about has a terminal illness comes with a lot of questions. For example, how will my family care for me? Will they be able to handle the pain? Will they be able to stay at home?

If you’re feeling as if your life is spiraling out of control, the one thing we normally do is seek comfort in our own home and be surrounded by the people we trust. At Healthcare South Florida, we value the importance of continuing a routine at home that makes you or your loved one as comfortable as possible.

Our healthcare agency believes that hospice care is more than just a service we offer, for us; it’s a philosophy of care. Most people perceive hospice as the beginning of the end in a place towards the end of someone’s life. At our healthcare agency, we focus on how hospice care is a mindset of enhancing the overall comfort and quality of a person’s life during the latter part of their life. Our hospice care service works by treating physical symptoms, providing pain management, and understanding the emotional and spiritual needs of your loved one.

Healthcare South Florida’s top quality team of caregivers will be there for our patient’s needs with compassion and professionalism. If your loved one decides to stay in a private residence, our healthcare agency will provide pain management and symptom control, as well as, personal needs.

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For our patients who elect hospice home care, our hospice service will provide top quality care that complements the needs of your loved one. Our caregivers like to think of themselves as an extension of your family. Even after the journey ends for your loved one, we will still be there for family members to support them through the tough transition with our bereavement services.

What you can expect from our hospice service is:

• Medical and home healthcare with a focus on comfort and pain management

• Team member availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Medical equipment and therapeutic supplies

• Psychological and emotional support for patient and family members

• Counseling and guidance on spiritual issues

• Guidance with the difficult, but normal, issues of life completion and closure

• Relief for caregivers, family members and others who care for the patient

• A supportive volunteer support network that can prepare meals or run errands

• Bereavement counseling and emotional support for family members

At Healthcare South Florida you will see that our hospice team considers all input and perspectives from the patient, family, and physicians to create the best plan for the patient’s care. From there, the plan is revised based off of how your loved one’s condition changes. Most importantly, your loved one and family will always be at the forefront of our hospice team. To us, you are the true expert in what is best for your loved one’s needs and concerns and our team will look to you for insight on how to give the best quality care we can.