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Tom Hussey’s Reflections: An Emotive Look At the Elderly When They Where Young

Photographer Tom Hussey’s Reflections series is an emotional one, tying together the prime years of the elderly subjects’ past to their present lives. It is a beautiful yet melancholic take on the conceptual  reality of natural life. The series, a winner at the 2010 Communication Arts Photography Annual, was used for Novartist’s marketing campaign for the Exelon Patch, a therapy patch used for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

Putting the campaign and medication aside, however, the composition of Hussey’s photographs is equally moving and impressive. He captures moments of the elderly models completing their daily, mundane tasks while their past reflection, as attractive young men and women, stare back at them through the mirror, reminding them of the fruitful and successful lives they once had ahead of them.

Hussey’s photographs, which can be viewed below, are the kind of emotion-evoking photographs that quickly captivate an audience and in turn, allow the telling of powerful stories.


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