Granny Nannies

Quality Care at an Affordable Price

Many people who need home healthcare for themselves or loved ones are faced with the difficulties of affording the cost of care. At our agency we offer flexible options for hourly and daily services. Some may only need a few hours of care while others may request live-in service. We can help to tailor services according to customized needs and find you quality care at an affordable price.

Consumers are challenged by the high cost of medical,  rehabilitation, therapy and companion support for senior family members with disabilities such as dementia, Parkinson’s and many other illnesses. How does we fit in? First, for those with tight budgets and limited needs, we can arrange for individual visits of as short as 1 or 2 hours. Many of the caregivers we refer visit several clients regularly, and plan their visits flexibly to fit their clients’ needs, not the other way around. Second, we work as a team with the client and caregiver to ensure the care plan and costs are understood prior to the start of service. Third, we are highly aware of the high cost and risk of hospital readmissions. Qualified care with clear understanding and focus on the clients’ needs can be critical in maintaining a client’s health and avoiding the unwanted trip back to the hospital. In all cases, our client or designated person is “the boss” in charge of deciding what care they will receive, when it will be scheduled, and how much they will pay. Whether short-term or ongoing care, we work for the client, facilitating the planning, communication and full satisfaction.

Since 1990, we are leader in home healthcare because we are ‘A Helping Hand and A Gentle Heart’. We care most for meeting our clients’ needs and are sensitive to the challenges of affording quality home healthcare. Call us and let us help you find quality care for you or someone you love.