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Home Healthcare is the Affordable Option

Every day I speak to potential clients and their families about their concerns and needs for the care of their elderly loved ones. There are different options ranging from nursing home care, assisted living facilities (ALF), adult day care, to home healthcare. There are obviously different factors to evaluate including: physical and mental wellbeing, extent of illness, security, need for social interaction, and of course desire to stay at home. Of course, one of the biggest and most difficult issues involved in deciding on a plan of care is the cost. Costs can be difficult to firmly nail down, as the needs of the individual are affected by their living and social environments. Let’s address some important points to consider in planning for senior care.

First, the best plan of care may consist of a mix of more than one option. Many of our clients are nursing home and ALF residents. These living options may address some of the individuals’ needs such as safety and security and basic assistance with essentials such as food preparation or medicine reminders. Depending on the facility and the price, other important factors such as social interaction, getting out and making local trips for shopping, restaurants or visits with friends may not be adequately met. I often hear daughters and sons tell me that they are concerned about their parent being isolated or unattended for long periods of time – safe perhaps, but lacking in vital personal or social interaction. We can help your loved one by placing a caregiver just for them, to be the eyes and ears for the family members who need to know that their mom or dad or grandparent is well taken care of, wherever they may be. People are surprised at how affordable home healthcare services through us are, and the flexibility of how services can be offered.

Second, care at home is what most people want. Many clients may be in the midst of physical, mental or emotional challenges that make it very difficult to stay independent at home. Loved ones, especially out-of-towners always express concerns and worries about their elderly parents being at home for days and nights without someone there to assist them. Again, costs are a major concern. Is an ALF or nursing home affordable as opposed to the senior staying in their home or living with their adult children? Is adult day care an option for daytime care? Once again, with weighing the available options, people are usually surprised at how affordable caregiver services through us is. We can offer a variety of hourly services and even assist with providing a live-in caregiver. All you need is to tell us your needs and we can help find an affordable, quality option for you.

Finally, how can we back up what we say, that we are a very affordable option for senior care? Well, don’t trust us, check the figures! According to Genworth’s 2014 cost of care calculations, the cost of in-home care for a 40+ hour per week caregiver is highly comparable to the median cost of a single-occupancy ALF, and barely a third of the median cost of a nursing home (private room) As you weigh your options, contact us and let us help you!