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Don’t Wait for an Accident – Check for Warning Signs of Illness

In the dangerous world in which we live, we often hear the words ‘if you see something, say something’. This is in response to suspicious activities or observances we recognize as potential danger signs of crime, accidents or simply things that don’t look right. I was reminded of that last week when I read the story of a gentleman from Cape Coral who got lost and sadly drowned in a local canal. He had family and friends who loved him and were frantically looking for him just hours after he had last been seen. This 75 year old gentleman reportedly was being treated for Parkinson’s, heart conditions, and dementia.

It’s tough to see our parents and senior relatives and friends suffer the physical and mental effects of aging. We all want good health and to see our loved ones at their best and not think about the warning signs that signal caution, change, and urgency of action. Many seniors in South Florida are very vulnerable to accidental deaths. One reason is because no matter where you live, there seems to be a body of water. Whether natural or man-made, canals and lakes are beautiful to see, and help to cool the airs of our tropical environment. The December 2014 edition of Senior Health online magazine listed the Top 10 causes of death among people over the age of 65:

Among the expected causes of Alzheimer’s and various diseases, Accidents rank seventh in the Top 10 list! We all know someone who is vulnerable to accidents, often caused by weakness, disorientation, heart related incidents or even diabetic reactions. I regularly talk to people who tell me of their worries for their home-alone loved ones. Many times there is an undiagnosed, suspected illness that one is fearful of acknowledging. Please urge them to get it checked! Then, we can help. We refer qualified, ready caregivers who can provide a wide range of assistance so that your loved one can stay independent, and worries can be reduced. We can refer you a qualified caregiver for as little as a few hours a week, to around the clock care. And we will work with you to find the right caregiver to fit your needs, at an affordable price. Take the steps to avoid the accidents we read about in the news every day. And contact us to find out how we can help your loved one stay safe!