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Whether you are looking for Home Health Care or a care giver looking to take care of the elderly, Boca Raton Administrator John Rodriquez has the insight you want and need.  Visit John’s weekly blog as he strives to help families in Palm Beach and Broward County find the right home elderly care for their loved ones.

John Rodriguez Granny NanniesI often hear from concerned daughters and sons and extended family members that their loved one is just ‘not right’. They can’t quite pinpoint the specific problems or risks, but the signs of physical and often mental deterioration are more evident. Anxieties grow as family must tend to their own families, work, personal needs and often the challenges of living far away from mom or dad. The elder parent does not want to burden their children and families and often downplay or hide the obvious signs of difficulties that come with trying to safely maintain independence at home. Getting started with elder care is often the most challenging aspect of providing quality care. The topic of ‘getting started’ is one of the areas I spend most time working with my staff to improve. Through the years we’ve operated, we’ve learned that this is one of the key factors in making the elder care experience a comforting and satisfying one for our clients and their families.

So, how do we ‘get started’? As we learn from the client or their family members about their situations, we need to consider not only their physical needs, but also their social needs. This is where we ask about what’s just ‘not right’ with mom or dad. US News and World Report Health Day reports this month that depression, apathy, sleeping difficulties and irritability may often be precursors of dementia or Alzheimer’s . This shows that signs of onset of illness can appear years in advance, and your loved one may need some help getting started with care.

Some of the elder care services we offers are geared toward Social Interaction. Sure, we refer caregivers to assist with cooking and light cleaning, but what about sitting down and having a friendly conversation, or reading, or playing music? We look for caregivers who offer not only assistance with tasks of daily living, but who can communicate with people clearly and with friendliness. Caregivers don’t have to look intimidating or out of place in your loved one’s home. She or he can be a kind person who is there to give them comfort and ease the strain of life’s challenges.

My office team and I really enjoy the opportunity to talk to our clients and their families and listen to what they need, and do the best we can to meet those needs. This means we listen, we follow up, and we constantly try to do better. We learn every day that elder care is about assisting people socially as well as physically with their life needs. If you feel something is just ‘not right’ about your senior loved one, give us a call and see how we may help them get started with compassionate care.