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Home Healthcare Outlook for 2015 – John Rodriguez

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Whether you are looking for Home Health Care or a care giver looking to take care of the elderly, Boca Raton Administrator John Rodriquez has the insight you want and need.  Visit John’s weekly blog as he strives to help families in Palm Beach and Broward County find the right home elderly care for their loved ones.


As we move forward into another new year, the home healthcare needs of our community continue to expand and evolve. Every week, we receives calls from daughters and sons of aging parents telling us they know their parents need assistance at home, but they’re afraid of losing their independence and self-sufficiency. Too often, help comes in only when serious injury or a debilitating illness force a senior to accept assistance. How do we help families to welcome a caregiver or helping hand to relieve some of the physical and mental burdens of aging?

After many years working with seniors and their families, I’ve learned that no two clients or families are the same. Oftentimes, the individual needing care is not the only one in the household or extended family needing care. How do we know what daily routines or tasks are most important or meaningful to our clients? How do we learn to anticipate and meet their needs proactively instead of reactively? The key factor is to communicate, listen and take action on our clients’ needs. This may sound obvious, but a major factor in our client’s satisfaction is how well we communicated, listened and fulfilled their wishes.

I recently had a client’s daughter-in-law from New York tell me, “John, thank you for listening to our needs and finding the right caregiver for my mother-in-law”. This client is happy that the caregiver understands her client’s habits and knows when to prepare her meals, when to go out for sunshine, and when to prepare her for rest. Listening means not assuming we know what’s best for your client, but letting the client tell us and regularly asking them how we are meeting their needs. It means constantly communicating with the clients and caregivers to understand, act, and strive for continuous, high-quality care.

Our service is not simply finding and referring caregivers. It is our job to really attend to the needs of our clients and their families. We work hard to earn your trust every day. As we begin 2015, it is my commitment to work harder to listening and meet our clients’ needs. Next week, we will talk more about specific services we offer that can improve you or your loved ones’ quality of life.

– John Rodriguez