Granny Nannies

About Us

John Rodriguez Granny NanniesWe are a home healthcare agency founded in 1990. For nearly a quarter century, we have provided compassionate, affordable homecare for thousands of families. South Florida residents John and Maureen Rodriguez experienced first-hand the challenges of having a loved one suffer through Alzheimer’s disease. John’s father endured Alzheimer’s for years before succumbing to its effects, in 1996. The experience deeply affected their family and led John and Maureen to open their South Florida Agency in 1998. In the years since, the agency has grown and established itself as the leading choice for home healthcare in South Florida.

We care first and foremost about our clients and their families’ needs. As Administrator and General Manager, John leads a professional administrative team that finds and refers quality, reliable caregivers to serve our clients needs. John and his team also go the extra mile in other ways, including:

  • Regular contact and coordination with out of town family members
  • Assistance with planning and coordinating transition to/from hospitals, facilities and home
  • Flexible, affordable billing options
  • Coordination of benefits with Long-Term Care insurance plans
  • Periodic client visits, quality surveys and follow-up
  • Assisting referrals to Medicaid and Veterans’ benefits experts
  • On-call support, 24X7

John knows from experience the challenges of caring for an elderly or special needs loved one. He and his team are passionate about serving and are ready to help others in our community that are in need of care. Whether short-term or ongoing needs, we are here with a helping hand and a gentle heart!